The Egg Harbor City Lake and the Galloway pond are few of many local freshwater hot spots in the South Jersey area. Take a look at our pictures to see where else you can fish in South Jersey.

Down below are pictures of excellent White Perch and Striped Bass spots.   To the left is Hay Rd. To The right is a picture of the Green Bank bulkhead. These are the two common spots known to the locals. There are many more spots to choose from along the Mullica River.  The Mullica River extends all the from the Great Bay to the Batsto Village. The river becomes freshwater territory just after the Green Bank bridge.  



Mays Landing also has it’s fair share of fishing. The Mays Landing bulkhead is an excellent spot to catch freshwater fish as well as Striped Bass. The Egg Harbor River runs up to Lake Lenape. Best baits for the area are Bloodworms, Grasshrimp, Minnows and Nightcrawlers. Come and see us for more infomation.